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A Brief History

The MVCMA grew out of the religious “camp meeting” movement of the 19th century. The idea of holding camp meetings for religious purposes was first introduced by the Presbyterians with Baptists and Methodists taking part in the state of Kentucky, prior to 1820. The practice was soon followed by the Methodists in New England. Initially, these early meetings were temporary, lasting about a week and held at different locations each year.

You can see a more detailed account of our history here.

Walking Tours

Historic walking tours of the MVCMA grounds are offered in the months of July and August, with private tours offered in the shoulder months.

The historic cottages within the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association are well-known and
well-loved for their unique charm. Don’t miss your chance to join one ​of the guided walking tours of the MVCMA grounds.

For more information on walking tours, click here.

Museum & Gift Shop

Visitors to the Cottage Museum can view the interior of a typical Campground cottage, complete with period furnishings offering a glimpse of life on the Campgrounds in the 1800s.

The Museum Shop has a wide selection of Campground-related souvenirs and gifts, including books, calendars, paper and silk lanterns, sterling silver Campground charms, toys, postcards and other interesting items.

For more information on the museum and gift shop, click here.

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