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Buying a Cottage

Below you will find the instructions to apply to be a new leaseholder when purchasing a cottage.

All changes in ownership, including transfers into trusts or within families, must be recorded with the MVCMA office and Town.

Following sale or transfer, deliver the below to our Association office prior to recording at Oak Bluffs Town Hall: 

Completed ​ Ownership Transfer Form

Transfer fee check is made payable to MVCMA

Executed Bill of Sale or other transfer documents

Once the above has been completed, please move on to the next section below.

Potential Cottage Owners
Interested in becoming a leaseholder and part of the MVCMA community?

Please review the below documents before beginning the MVCMA application process :

1. Note to Potential Buyers
2. Cottage Transfer Rules

Ready to apply? Please fill out both forms below and submit them along with 3 letters of reference and fee payment ($50/applicant).

1. MVCMA Leaseholder Application
2. CORI Background Check Form

Once all of the above steps are completed, the MVCMA Office and Residential Lease Committee will be in touch with a copy of the lease lot you are interested in and availability to schedule your interview.

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