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​The mission of the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association is to perpetuate our religious and historical heritage, engaging all in education and spiritual growth in a welcoming faith community.

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MVCMA Strategic Plan:  2019-2022

Goal #1: To cultivate a welcoming faith community. Cultivate defined as: sustain & grow. Welcoming faith community defined as – outreach and participation in religious and community events to include and extend beyond Methodist/Protestants and cottage owners.

Measurable Strategy: To increase overall MVCMA service and event attendance by 15% over benchmark, by 2022 Season.

Goal #2: To preserve, nurture and fortify our religious and historical heritage
Religious defined as: to include fellowship/community activities, in addition to traditional religious.
Measurable Strategy:  To increase acquiring and sharing of Museum artifacts & archival information by 100%.

Goal #3:  To be exceptional stewards of MVCMA assets & National Landmark Status.

Assets defined as: MVCMA owned buildings and grounds and finances/investments

Measurable Strategy: To create long term plan for infrastructure maintenance & enhancements.

Measurable Strategy: To increase cottage owner knowledge & adherence to ARC guidelines evidenced by zero fines for non-compliance.
Goal #4:  To be exceptional stewards of MVCMA stakeholder relationships
Stakeholders defined as: Residential & Special Leaseholders, Oak Bluffs & MV Community, Donors, Volunteers, Board, Employees, Visitors/event attendees, Clergy, Event speakers/promoters/collaborators.

Measurable Strategy: To improve overall satisfaction of Leaseholders with MVCMA services and programs by 5% over 2016 survey

Executive Closeout Summary

When evaluating the progress of meeting our Strategic Plan Goals and Action Items, it was very clear that the impact of COVID has made its assessment challenging.  In 2020, there were few events and participation.  As a result, measuring our progress was nearly impossible.  In addition, we hired a new General Manager and Office staff with months of interim staffing.  These changes have contributed to the challenges of measuring the Strategic Plan accountability.

Overall Accomplishments:

Despite the impact of COVID, a number of Strategic Plan activities were accomplished.  The highlights:

  • A new Renter’s Packet was developed and distributed.

  • There was collaboration with island religious organizations to share the Tabernacle for services.

  • Collaboration with Union Chapel and W. Tisbury First Congregational Church to host Senator Reverend Warnock and 2 Days of Community Service.

  • Two new African American Heritage Trail of MV markers were installed.  New diversity programming was added.

  • A return to many traditional programming activities after COVID i.e., Sunset Concert Series, Illumination, yoga, Craft Fair, Art Show, etc.

  • ​New Museum Archiving software was purchased and all stereoscope photos were uploaded and made available via the MVCMA website.

  • The first full-scale financial audit is currently in progress, with an expected end date of November 2022.  The audit was conducted on 2021 financial records.

  • ​​The Architectural Review Manual was updated and made available to Leaseholders.

There are several overall recommendations as a result of our review:

  • To measure increased participation, regular counting of participants and tracking attendance over time is needed.

  • There should be an annual review of the Strategic Plan and it should be done by the Long Range Planning Committee and the Board.

  • An annual Leaseholder Survey should be administered to gather data over time.

  • It is vital that a Capital Plan is developed and the review of our physical assets be done annually.

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